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10 Reasons Why Every Young Lady Should Join Ghana Most Beautiful Next Year

There are so many reasons to join the Ghana Most Beautiful show as a young lady. Here are some few.

1.They become agents of change. In this vein, they are used by both governmental and Non governmental agencies in implementing policies and programmes such as ending child marriage, complete eradication of polio in Ghana, Reproductive Health Issues etc. 

3. They become role models to young girls in their community, their region and the entire country. They visit schools and motivate students especially young girls to focus on their studies and to strive for excellence against all odds. They do this by sometimes sharing their own personal successes and struggles that the children can relate to. 

4. They get the opportunity to be invited to conferences within or outside the country where they share platforms with high profile personalities. They then gain more exposure, experience and education that they carry along wherever they go. 

6. It helps with their personal growth and development. Winners can feel how they have grown and developed through the show. They discover a lot more about themselves and where they come from. They pick up values that they can impact in their own children.

7. They add their voice to national debate like abortion, rape, inheritance (like PNDC Law 111), FreeSHS etc that helps to shape gov't policy and action. 

8. The GMB stage can serve as a springboard to propel winners into launching their own careers or businesses. 

9. They become a symbol of our culture, our heritage and our traditions. A winner of GMB is seen as someone who is well versed in the culture of her people. Hence, she can offer her image, knowledge and influence to drum home the needs of her people to central gov't and other bodies. 

10. They simply bring joy and honour to themselves, their families, friends, their schools, churches, their regions and all their associates.

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