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Woman gives birth to 10 babies at once

A 37 year old South African woman has given birth to decuplets in a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. The woman, Gosiame Thamara Sithole have birth to seven boys and three girls through C-section.

South African media reports that the new mother and her husband Teboho Tsotetsi were expecting eight babies but got ten. Two of the babies were missed during the scan because they were tucked inside the wrong tube. Sithole said she had a tough pregnancy and was constantly sick to the point where she feared for her life and that of her children.

Sithole says her pregnancy was natural although most extreme births like this are almost always the result of fertility treatments with multiple fertilized embryos inserted into the womb to increase chances of pregnancy.

Sithole's birth comes a month after a Malian woman in Morocco gave birth to nine babies breaking the record that was formerly held by an American woman who had given birth to eight babies in 2009.

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