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They Call Her Headmistress Because Of The Head Size; Mother Cries For Her Daughter

A 15-year-old girl who looks more younger than her age identified as Dancilla born with small head but as days past her head grows big and big making people in the neighborhood tagging her as girl with biggest head in the world.

Dancilla school mates constantly bully and call her headmistress because of the head size, the mother is worried, while doctors said the head won't stop growing.

After the child was born people advised the mother to throw the baby away with idea that she will do more harm that good. They said she is evil and a cursed child, throwing her away will not be a big deal. She dare not listened to them with hopes that, 'he who gave her the child will surely protect her', seems she didn't experienced anything that was unusual when conceiving her.

After doctors examined her, they concluded that she might lose her life in an attempt to operate, hence advised to live with her like that.

People would surround the mother wanting to see the baby's head, when she goes out carrying the child at back, they would be yelling on the street say she produced the largest female head in the world, as she will not get peace of mind, later she learned of a trick which was to cover her head in public.

Due to poverty she hardly send her for check-up, the husband too passed away making life unbearable.

Interestingly Dancilla dreams to be come a pastor and teach the society to treat people fairly, seems people in her neighborhood over react on her head, although she has a big head but not as big as they think.



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