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7 Romantic And Mature Ways On How To Treat Your Wife Or Girlfriend During Pregnancy

You have just found out a baby is on the way! Whether it was a surprise or planned, you may be wondering what you can do to make her life easier for the next nine months, as well as demonstrate that you’re going to make a great parent. Don’t be daunted by pregnancy. In this particular article, we look at expert approaches on how to show love to your pregnant wife or girlfriend

Help her sleep. As your wife or girlfriend progresses in her pregnancy, it will become more and more difficult to find a position on the bed in which she can fall asleep. Make her nighttime sleeping arrangements as comfortable as you can so that she has energy during the day with less cause to become irritable and moody from lack of sleep. Buy her things for sleeping like a full body pillow and relaxing herbal tea, or try cuddling and massage.

Cook for her. Your wife or girlfriend's diet doesn’t necessarily have to change dramatically, but she does need to eat healthy, protein-rich meals and consume a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables and minerals. Learning what she can eat and adapting it so that it tastes good will make any pregnant woman feel cared for. Prepare her salads with leafy greens, and meals with plenty of dairy, citrus, fatty fish, poultry, and dried beans. Preparing healthy snacks is especially helpful since most pregnant women have to eat every few hours to prevent nausea.

Help her shop for gear. When a new mom picks up baby gear at the store, it is often big ticket items like cribs, car seats, and changing tables. Go with her to pick up these items so that she is not carrying heavy objects on her own.Your presence also shows that you support her.

Manage your emotions about the pregnancy announcement. If you weren’t planning on getting pregnant, the announcement can be quite a shock. Don’t let this shock prevent you from showing excitement. If you show that you are displeased, your wife or girlfriend may feel isolated and alone as well as insecure. For example, even if you feel overwhelmed, avoid making a face that shows disgust or irritation. You can say things like, "I am overwhelmed, and a little scared, but I also want you to know that I love you and I am with you every step of the way."

Be patient with her mood swings. Pregnancy means that your wife or girlfriend is experiencing an influx of hormones that, if she has never been pregnant before, can be overwhelming to her. These hormones often cause mood swings. Be aware of them and try to minimize your reaction to any irritability or tears that seem out of character. These increased hormones include estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins.

Have compassion for her discomforts. Pregnancy is a time of great physical changes, also triggered by hormones such as increased estrogen and progesterone. These changes can be very uncomfortable, even painful sometimes, so when she complains about them, show that you care by not dismissing what she says. She may complain of back aches, pelvic pain, sciatic nerve pain, and many more aches and pains. Do what you can to ease these symptoms, such as offer back rubs and finding extra pillows.

Give her compliments. When a woman is pregnant, she gains weight, and sometimes not just around her abdomen. No matter how your wife or girlfriend’s physical changes manifest, she will feel much larger and perhaps not as pretty as she used to. Telling her that she is beautiful and that you love her can mean the world to her.

Change your habits. During pregnancy, women have to give up things that they used to enjoy, such as alcohol and caffeine. Show your support by giving up these things along with her. Doing so not only shows her that you support her, but it helps you develop compassion for what she is experiencing, bringing you closer together. For example, if you both love coffee, your wife may have to reduce her intake. If you do this with her, you may both suffer caffeine withdrawals together.Pregnant women should not consume alcohol and must limit caffeine, as well as thoroughly cook all fish (which means no sushi).

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