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VIDEO: See What Parents Did After Their Kids Caught Them Eating Ice Cream, Which Made Everyone Laugh

Children are such that they want to eat anything they see their parents holding. And if parents refuse to give what they are eating to them, they become angry, cry and disturb them. Some parents have been recorded on camera hiding the ice cream they were eating from their kids.

Watching the video carefully, you can see that the woman and her husband were seated in the hall enjoying their ice creams. As they were eating the ice cream they spotted their two daughters coming from behind. The mother quickly put the ice cream into her brassiere.

The father also put his ice cream into the brassieres of the wife. This way the children found them eating nothing, however, the mother was suffering because the ice cream was very cold. The elderly daughter seems to have caught them eating something but she didn't know where they hide them.

The children decided not to move an inch. The facial expression of the mother shows that she was in great pain but she kept it to herself. Some social media users after watching the video said that this is very funny. The children are not ready to allow the parents to enjoy their ice cream in peace.

Others were just laughing as they started that this was wickedness on the side of the parents. Some people were questioning why they hide the ice cream in the mother's brassiere and not the father's chest. Check out some of the reactions from some social media users below:

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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