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Woman Given A Girl Baby After Giving Birth To A Boy In Hospital, Find Out More

Weird things are happening in the hospital now a days to the extent that babies are being changed causing confusion among families.

A mother couldn' t control her temper after realizing that her baby has been swapped after being given a baby girl which she knew perfectly well that she brought forth a baby boy at the Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Zimbabwe.

The case is being investigated by the authorities and that the mother had to go home without a baby from the maternity ward. She insisted that she saw her baby as a boy and not a girl, even the birth record also indicated that it was a boy.

According to reports, the baby has been in the hospital for 5 days now and the mother has been forced to breastfeed the wrong baby for three days.

" The hospital received a report from maternity ward in connection with a baby mix up, the case is now under investigation and we are expecting the correct position in the next two days. " The high authority hospital manager declared.

The family spokesperson namely Inviolata Shamuyarira declared to the media that the hospital made it known to the family that the baby girl truly belongs to the woman through a DNA test.

The parents and the family are currently against the results and willing to take the case to the court in other to carry out with a private DNA test.

" We are not happy with how the hospital ended up mixing babies when records which accompanied the baby girl show that it is a baby boy, she was shown a baby boy upon giving birth and discovered that the midwife had given her the wrong baby on dressing the baby before leaving the ward. The nurses on duty went on to force her to breast feed the baby she questioned about its paternity although their birth record shows a baby boy born to her. We do not accept the DNA results they carried and we want to engage a private DNA company. The mother beseeched hospital authority to discharge her because of emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of the nurses who were on duty. They interrogated her and forced her to breastfeed the baby girl when she was sure that the baby she gave birth to was a boy. It is professional and best for the hospital to carry DNA tests to all the babies born on the day in question other than questioning us which company we would like to engage for the tests. The hospital wants to force us to accept results considering that the mother had not undergone pregnancy scanning. " Shamuyarira concluded.

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