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Pregnancy period

Do not eat these foods when pregnant since it can lead to miscarriage and destruction of the womb

Which type of foods and fruits do you eat during your pregnancy period? Have you taught about foods and fruits you are not supposed to take during pregnancy? As a pregnant woman, there are some things you shouldn't take for granted especially the way you eat, why because the fetus in the womb depends on the foods you consume for survival. When the food is taken into the body it then diffuses and passes through the biblical cord to the fetus in the womb. Is not everything that you need to consume as a pregnant woman. In this article, we have made some selections of foods and fruits women should not consume during their pregnancy period.

The following foods and fruits below should not be consumed by pregnant women.

1. Fresh or undercooked meats: Undercooked or raw meats are not good for pregnant women since it contains a certain bacteria known as toxoplasmosis, this bacteria is almost found in every raw meat. This infectious bacteria affects the developing fetus in the womb and can lead to miscarriage.

2. Pineapple: Every human needs fresh produce fruit but not all fruits are good for pregnant women's consumption. Pregnant women shouldn't take pineapple, why because pineapples contain a certain enzyme known as bromelain. This enzyme is found in the stem and fruit of the pineapple plant. Consuming pineapple during the pregnancy period can lead to stillbirth. It can also cause womb destruction.

3. Raw or uncooked eggs: Eating raw or undercooked eggs do not contribute to your health as a pregnant woman. Raw eggs contain salmonella. Salmonella is a bacteria found in raw eggs this bacteria can cause miscarriage in a pregnant woman.

4. Undercooked or fresh fish: Fishes are good for human consumption because they are rich in protein but taking raw or undercooked fish is not good for one's health especially for pregnant women. Vibrio, norovirus, and salmonella are some of the harmful bacteria found in raw meats example fish, these bacteria can cause blindness in the newly born baby, it can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth, they can also cause problems in the womb.

5. Unripe papaya: To prevent miscarriage and disorders in newly born babies, pregnant women should avoid the eat of unripe papaya. The papaya, especially the unripe one contains bacteria known as latex this bacteria causes dangers to the developing fetus in the womb that's why a pregnant woman should avoid the eat of unripe papaya.

To prevent miscarriage and other womb destructions, avoid the eat of the aforementioned foods and fruits during your pregnancy period. Thanks for reading. Please like, comment, share, and follow the channel for daily updates. Thank you.

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