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You Are Going To Pay Fees And Babysit, You Wait and See - Ghanaians Warn Fareed of Date Rush

Ghanaians have descended on Fareed for choosing Enice as a date. Apparently, the decisions from Ghanaians are split. Some are praising Fareed for choosing Enice as some say she is very beautiful and that they make a beautiful couple.

Other Ghanaians are also with the views that Fareed didn't make the right choice and that he deserves better. Apparently, the Ghanaians who made these comments backed up their opinions with the fact that Enice was not even a mother of one but two. The children are aged 9 and 7 which means that they have reached an age where their academic and welfare cost are going to pile up rapidly.

Enice in her video profile and on stage also expressly stated that she is looking for a man who is ready to settle down (Marriage), and then look after her and her kids, which implies that she didn't appear on the show for casual dating or simply to have "fun".

Viewers of the show took Enice's statement into consideration and then observed also that Fareed looked relatively young as compared to Enice, and thus started advising him.

Some viewers took the opportunity to troll him a little too as they feel he made a bad decision. Some Hilariously commented that "you are going to start paying fees and babysit, you wait and see"

Others also commented that "the relationship won't even last up to 4 weeks" as they feel Fareed might elope once he starts suffering from the consequences.

One user also concluded by advising that "Fareed shouldn't follow the beauty of a butterfly and step on thorns" implying that he shouldn't just blindly make a decision just because he is fascinated by the beauty and curves of Enice.

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