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Is Three Months Maternity Leave Enough For A Nursing Mother?

Just recently, a 11months old baby died at her day care due to improper handling by care taker.

Maternity leave is a period of absence from work granted to a mother prior to and post childbirth.

Female workers are entitled to 12weeks leave with full pay. Imagine leaving a fragile 3months old baby at home with a caretaker, your heart won't be at peace, you will be wondering if your baby is being given the needed care or not.

There was a petition in 2017 for the government to change the 3months maternity leave to 6months, but there was no results. When you drive around in Ghana, there are so many daycare centers which admit children as early as 3months old and beyond. So women who have no one help them with the baby, have no other option that to settle for a Daycare center.

When the case of the 11months old baby who was forced by a caretaker to eat came up, many people were playing blame games.

I saw a comment on Instagram, blaming the parents of the little girl that she was too small for creche and that the mother could have sacrificed her work for the baby, I was surprised this was coming from a fellow woman.

Could the school on the other hand failed their responsibility by not monitoring their CCTV camera? Most schools and businesses here, do a little or no monitoring to find out what's going on in the various departments. They only visit the footage when there's an emergency.

It's quite unfortunate that we lost the little girl, the 54year old caretaker known as Clara is in police custody and she is to appear in court on 11th June, we will update you all on the outcome.

Do you think maternity leave given to women must be extended?

What are some of the measures we can put in place at our workplaces to help nursing mothers have enough time to nurse their babies?

please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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