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Her Parents Abandoned Her Because She Has No Legs, But She Is Happily Married (Photos)

Everyone has someone ordained for them from heaven to be their lifetime Spouse.

There can be many reasons for disabilities. Some of them are genetics, some are side affects of medicines, problems while in the womb, and even at birth many are because the baby is left in the birth canal too long, or just not delivered quickly enough.

There is no one reason for disabilities. Some are caused by the mom smoking or using drugs during pregnancy. Some babies are called “Crack babies” because the mom’s use of drugs is given to the baby at birth and they have so much to deal with.

Jen was born with no legs and was immediately put up for adoption. Just a few months later, she was given a forever home by Sharon and Gerald Bricker of Illinois.

Today, she’s an accomplished and highly sought-after acrobat and aerialist! She’s known for her stunning grace as she hangs from a silk rope 30 feet in the air and continues to do more without legs than many of us do with them.

Today Jen is happily married.

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