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Irresponsible parents: Infant falls off car in the middle of the street

Some parents gives birth and the kind of things they do, am like haven't they given birth before or they were forced to give birth. The kind of treatment the child receives, it's something relatively hard to describe.

I won't blame them after all but a parent who refuses or fails to do the responsibilities of his or her children is irresponsible. As a parent, you have to protect and nurse your child till adulthood.

Parents are sometimes keen about other things especially their phones and as result, giving less attention to their kids. We also know that a child is not like a statue to sit where placed him or her forever.

Definitely, the child would move and do something that might harm him or her, if attention was given it wouldn't have happened that way, so please give attention to your kids.

A typical example of what am talking about is what we will soon dive into. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

An infant and her parents were sitting in a car. Due to less of attention and irresponsibility, the child managed to open the door and fell off the car.

It was very serious, I wonder what her parents were doing because per the video, it took long before the parents came to her aid. It was a horrific scene because if she had landed with her head instead of her back, the result is known.

I guess it's God that saved her. Please parents, be responsible and give attention to your kids. They aren't matured yet to think or strive for themselves, it's all on you till they turn adults.

Thanks for reading.

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