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10 childhood games from the 90's that are missing in the 20's.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Do you often compare this indomie generation to the 90's? A lot of things have changed drastically and notable among them is the way we used to play.The type of play then used to be more of associative play.It usually involve two or more people.Everyone had a role to play then.These type of play helped the people to come close to each other and create some level of togetherness.

The 20's generation has lost on a number of things that used to be the main ish in the 90's.With time fast passing by,a lot of things are changing including the way we used to play.This generation has desist from joining anything that has to do with joining more people.Every parent want to keep their children behind closed doors to play on their own so a lot of personnal gadgets have been introduced to achieve this purpose leaving the old play behind.

Here are some play from the 90s

Moulding; Children used to come together to mould anything of their choice using sand.This helped to enhance children with architectural skills.

High jump; palm branches were used to do this for children to play.It was done in a particular season.Expecially when it's time for school sports competitions. This was cycling for a lot of people who couldn't afford one.The dig the metal in the tyres of old bicycles and used them to play. This helped to build the children's bones .

This was one play that caused fear and panick among parents. The game was dangerous and usually caused a lot of injuries but it was still the favourite of many.Children queue in to comb the wheel one after the other.

Which of these play were your favourite? Thanks for reading.please let's hear it in the comment section.

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