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Find out the spiritual reason why Parents should not bath with their kids together

Brother, one day I was flying in space and heading to a meeting of Satan. While I was flying, I saw a villa on the land. I felt like I had to fly backward and check what was happening in the villa. When I flew over that villa, I saw a Christian lady washing in her bathroom.

She was not covered but I noticed that she was washing with her child failing to realize that this is a curse for the child. The Bible says that children should not see the nakedness of their parents. On that day I enforced the curse on the child for her mother had deliberately exposed her child to her nakedness.

Many mothers exposed themselves before their children. They are putting their children under a curse. This was an open door and legality. I was using it in order to attack children. I was causing women of God to bathe with their children and walked half-naked before their children so that their children will be cursed.

This issue is widespread in many families and many have come to confess after hearing my testimony. There is no attack in the spirit world where the gateway and door are not opened. It is only when you break a law of God that you come under attack.

When working for the devil I use to get children to fight and injure one another for the sake of blood. Whenever one of them is injured, it is either an angel that will come and get the blood or a demon that will come to get it for it cannot be lost like that. Blood is sought in the world of Satan.

Demons would like to collect your drops of blood in order to affect your life. Moreover, the bank of the blood of Satan had to be supplied and refilled at all times by all means. Please subscribe to my page by clicking the + Follow button. Also share the post.

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