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Pregnancy period

Natural way to avoid pregnancy without using contraceptives

Hello welcome to my page today, its good to see you here. Today am going to teach you how to avoid pregnancy without the use of contraceptives but before you proceed, i would like for you to click on the follow buttom for more and more updates thank you.

Against origination or conception prevention prescription shouldn't make you feel cleared out or off-kilter. 

Trying to take a Contraceptive Pill customary can be hard with specific people getting results, for instance, underneath that inconvenience them: 

· Headaches and Migraine. 

· Weight acquire thus fluid support happen especially around the chests and hips. 

· Intermenstrual spotting. 

· Nausea. 

· Decreased drive. 

· Breast development or delicacy. 

· Mood changes subsequently demoralization or other eager changes. 

· Missed periods. 

· Vaginal delivery. 

· Changes to vision for those using contact focal points or central focuses. 

Luckily, this is the best normal precaution for Birth Control or Family Planning 

Negro pepper is used as normal deterrent to control partitioning of youths and has various Health Benefits: 

Various names Hwentia, Ethiopian pepper, Senegal Pepper, Keli pepper, Africa pepper, Chimba, Eeru Alamo, Uda. 

Dried Negro pepper are regularly used in individuals drug for growing ladylike circulation system. It can moreover be used for treating amenorrhea. 

On a standard with this flavor is, there is exploratory verification that it limits productivity! A huge load of women use it as a trademark techniques for contraception. Along these lines, a woman endeavoring to achieve pregnancy should dodge it. It's anything but an abortifacient, thusly, it isn't alright for pregnant women. 

Game plan of Hwentia (Negro pepper) as Natural Contraceptive: 

1. Get a sizable measure of Hwentia (Negro Pepper). 

2. Strip or kill off the covering to get the seeds. 

3. Wash and channel the water. 

4. Put the seed in a pot and pour about 700ml/70cl/23oz of water drench for 10mins. 

5. Air pocket for 5mins and grant to cool. 

6. Strain out the liquid and pour in a holder. Store in a cool spot or in a perfect world in the cooler. 

7. Suitably shaken blend and drink a glass following closeness to prevent start. 

For determined Spermatozoa(sperms) you can drink this before sex. 

Kindly recall this regular prophylactic doesn't keep you from STD's. 

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