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Reason why you should always listen when your kid makes a complaint

The inhumane nature of some school kids has cost a young boy his finger. Looking at the situation at hand, the main perpetrators are the school kids as well as the school authorities, but I think this wouldn't have happened if the mother paid a little attention.

Delving into the whole issue, this eleven year old boy known as Raheem Bailey faced racial and physical abuse as well as bullying in his school. He is currently in the hospital as a result of the injuries he sustained from bullies. His mother claims this bullying started since September 2021 in the Abertillery Learning Community.

Well, according to the mother, this thing had been going on but whenever complaints were made, it got overlooked. She would personally go to the school to tell the authorities that it needed to stop, but her boy would come home the next day complaining of being bullied again.

Apparently, the school authorities did nothing about it since he is black and they are racists. He would report to the tutors but they would ask him to get off.

I was expecting the mother to take him out of the school but maybe, she wasn't paying attention very well. She still kept him in the school and guess what? They have beaten the kid to the extent that he has now lost a finger. Sadly, the school authorities don't care about this issue. This is very inhumane.

I urge all parents and caretakers to never take things for granted. Chat with your kids, find out their worries and put an end to it immediately before it's too late.

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Abertillery Raheem Bailey


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