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64 Years Old Woman Pregnant For 17 Years

The very least you can do in life is to hope for the best, and the most you can do is to live inside that hope. We have always held onto the believe that there is a better life, a better world and a paradise beyond the horizon. This is the story of a 64 years old woman who has been pregnant for 17 years.

She is called Musabyimana Zaukia. It is unbelievable that at her age, she is still shows signs of pregnancy. She has been living with this condition for 17 years now.

The people in her community make fun of her saying that she might give birth to an elephant. She gets sad when she hears these comments but all she can do is to ignore them.

Her condition happened after she had given birth to 3 children. The cause of this condition still remains a mystery. Surprisingly, her older sister is also facing the same condition in her late seventies. They both do not know what is happening to them and their quest to find out about their condition has yielded no results.

Zaukia has tried seeking for medical help but they kept transferring her to different hospitals. She finally gave up since she did not have enough money to continue her treatment from hospital to hospital.

Today, Zaukia lives a normal live with her condition still at hand and hope for a miracle or breakthrough in the ear future.

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Musabyimana Zaukia


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