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Why some teenage girls get pregnant easily

The world has gotten to a point that teenagers no more have any fear of getting pregnant and majority of young ones involve themselves in early sexual activities. Some girls around the globe found themselves pregnant and later regret their previous actions.

There are so many reasons why young girls get pregnant at their Teenage stage and today we bring to you some major causes of Teenage Pregnancy in Ghana.

Lack of information about sexual and reproductive health.

When the child lacks information about sexual and reproductive health she does any thing without her knowing the consequences that may follow after her actions.

Family, community and social pressure to marry.

In some communities, marriage rights are performeed for young girls to marry elder ones at their early ages since it is their tradition to do so. Due to these, the girls get pregnant and end up carrying Teenage Pregnancies. Child, early and forced marriage, can also be both a cause and a consequence of Teenage pregnancy.

Sexual violence

Some girls face sexual violence from boys which is popularly termed as "rape". some of these girls get pregnant and the unfortunate aspect is, they don't even know the particular person responsible for that pregnancy.

Lack of education or dropping out of school

Some Teenagers who are dropped out of school chase after guys who will feed them with their hard earn money and with that, it also comes with a price. Some of the girls end up sleeping with these guys just to earn some little cash to make a living too.

Lack of Parental Control

Parental control is also a way to aid in the betterment of the lives of a young girl and when these girl lacks, she ends up on the street that is, she becomes a girl for the world. The girl chooses to do anything that may make her comfortable and not have any knowledge of what may happen afterwards.

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Teenage Pregnancies


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