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What Advise Will You Give To Akuapem Poloo's Seven Years Old Child?

The emotional trauma of a seven years old boy to go through in the absence of his mother will seem unbearable to many parents across the country. The needed support and sympathy that people are willing to give will be no match to the love of a mother for her child. Let it be 5,000 Cedis or more every month for him, the caring and affection of his mother can never be measured to any social welfare intervention in his life.

Will he be himself and do what he want and feel. Of course it will be difficult sometimes. Of course, it will be lonely other times yet it is his path. It's his alone to pursue. All those who help him are similarly doing so because they are in their path. And their path crosses with his at some point no matter how long. 

It's my prayer he will let the flow of nature guide him. He shouldn't rely on people or force people into his life nor make them think the way he does. Just show them what you're made of and be strong until your mother returns.

There will be moments when your faith falters, when you’re lonely or exhausted or just plain sad. There will be moments where grief grabs ahold of you and crumbles you to the ground, where all that you’ve believed feels empty, and when each breath feels like a chore.

But in these moments, you will find redemption and power in his name Jesus. In these moments, he will guide you away from the heartbreak, the loneliness, the loss, the toughest moments of your life, and back into His arms.

God’s word and love will give you strength, even when you feel empty until your mom returns.

This is my advice to the seven years old boy. What will be yours to him? Please your comments and views are welcomed.

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