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Meet Victoria, The Robot Who Was Created To Give Birth Like A Real Woman

The technology advancements of some rich medical companies have led to the manufacture of a robot, Victoria who is able to give birth like a real woman through a process known as emergency c-section.

Victoria, the new patient recently admitted into Shawnee Community College’s Nursing Program, has the ability to give birth over and over again.

She has the capability to simulate low- and high-risk deliveries, including complications such as postpartum hemorrhaging or shoulder dystocia.

Victoria was created to breathe, bleed, and, most significantly, simulate the human pregnancy process.

She was made to further the study of women's childbirth and assist medical students in their learning process without endangering the lives of genuine patients.

Victoria's children are likewise robot-like, but they are programmed to act and behave like real newborns. Victoria's successful kid delivery was shown in a video broadcast by Gaumard Scientific four years ago.

Victoria is also able to converse and communicate suffering throughout delivery, which adds to her abilities. There are numerous videos and articles on the robot Victoria, who is capable of giving birth but is far from ideal.

What are your thoughts on Victoria and the scientists who created her?

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