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Among These Beautifully Dressed Kids, Who Nailed It?

Kids are a gift from God, without them there would never be happiness in the home irrespective of how rich you could be. Therefore among African traditions, it is expected of the married couple to give birth to a child during their first year in marriage.

Failure to do so may incur some anger from the families of both sides, especially the husband because, women are mostly accused of being barren.

When you are blessed with lovely children, make sure to make them happy always as a mother or father. What you teach your children from infancy is what they turn up to be. The Bible even confirms it that ''train up a child so that when they grow up, they will not depart from it''

Nowadays, kids are so smart to the point that they ask questions beyond their age. Maybe the myth that people die and come back to life (reincarnation) is true because the questions they ask are sometimes not meant to be asked by them but an adult.

Today fashion has taken over the internet, and children have joined the competition. They are very adorable and angelic in their various outfits below. Among these kids, who nailed it?

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