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Hilarious: "My Husband Uses My Breast Milk For Gari Soakings", Says A Troubled Nursing Mother

A nursing mother took to social media to share the bizarre situation she is going through right now after her husband started using his milk from her breasts to drink gari.

According to the nursing mother, it all started when the milk in their house was finished, and she jokingly told him to use one of her breast milk bottles in the fridge. The woman revealed that she was afraid he would look for him elsewhere when she stopped breastfeeding their baby. His testimony is edifying.

According to her, she gave birth a few months ago and her husband drinks her milk and he is now addicted to it.  She started to squeeze some for him and my baby. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy child. Her husband has been good. "It started one night, he was hungry and asked me if there was milk and peanuts for gari, I said no. I joked that he could use the milk from my breasts. Just kidding", she said.

"I slept. In the morning I woke up and noticed that the maternal birth in the refrigerator had reduced. I asked him and he said he used it with milk and peanuts and he loved it, that I should squeeze more for him. I thought he was joking. I did it against my will and now he's hooked. Sometimes he even complains that our baby is getting too much breast milk”, she added in distress.

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