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The Marriage is Over When I Discover She’s Not a Virgin or Has a Child

The big question on the table was: would you marry a lady with a child?

These days, some ladies give birth out of wedlock. Some happen prematurely whiles others happened in marriages that don’t exist anymore through either divorce or a dead spouse. 

But social media reacted to the story anyway. Whiles many were of the view that they wouldn’t mind marrying a pretty lady who has a child, one many stood an exception. For him, he will immediately the news hit him, the marriage is over. He wrote:

‘The marriage is over the moment I discover she is not a virgin’

If he cannot tolerate someone who is not a virgin, how much more a lady with a child? The comment was a bit wild and strange. In this contemporary time, how can one locate a 20+-year-old virgin in the city? However, it is his opinion and way of life. 

Many were enthused by marrying them without giving a second thought. Besides, it’s human they have, not garbage. 

These are social media comments:

But what do you think? Want a virgin too?

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