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Ghanaians react as the price of T'di pregnant woman's baby bumb hit social media

It seems the people of Takoradi and Ghana at large are tired of the lied pregnant woman who turned the brains and emotions of Ghanaians upside down few days ago. I don't think there is a need for us to read about what happened but due to some reasons, let's try and read something here. Try and stay in touch as read and don't forget to share, like, follow and comment for more about this woman and Ghanaians. Funnily saying, I think 95% of the country's population are fed up with this woman and her family but whatever you do, she is still a Ghanaian and we have to find a reason to forgive her.

I'm talking about the woman who faked her pregnancy so that she will not lose the love of her live and family. She faced court and pleaded not guilty. Due to this, the court granted her a bail of GH¢ 50,000. Her prosecutor has dropped some information about her and Ghanaians are very astonished to the new information about her which many are saying it part three (3) of the movie. The lady not long ago make a revelation that she has been wearing a baby bump to make her husband and family believe that she is really pregnant. According to her prosecutor, she bought the baby bump she was using to deceive her family for just GH¢ 30.

After the gist was posted on the second powerful thing on this Earth, social media, Ghanaians have been talking as if the lady have been paid to this what she is doing. The kind of words coming from Ghanaians also seems as if they are rejecting the lady as a Ghanaian. According to some comments, the price which the lady bought the baby bump is not true. Some too have noted that it's true women are the fearful creatures in Earth. Some too noted that the woman and her mum planned this whole thing just to distract the fix the country demo.

Due to the lawless nature of the country, some people are also saying the judge should use her to fix the country. Some too further called the honourable house of parliament to criminalize make-up in Ghana because if not the introduction of make-up, the lady wouldn't have gotten the idea to deceive her family and Ghanaians with a fake pregnancy.

Read some comments beneath.

Have you read your part of the story (movie) already? Let's drop some comments to weigh and see if Ghana can criminalize the wearing of make-up. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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