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Pregnancy period

Rip: Tears After a Girl Who People Thought She Was Pregnant Due to Her Swollen Stomach Dies

A family is in tears after their 6-year-old girl who had been having a swollen stomach died while she was undergoing surgery. Many people thought that she was pregnant at six years old.

After being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, she decided to leave school and never return. People mistook her illness for a pregnancy, so they took her to multiple hospitals without success. Her medication was also prohibitively expensive, and she couldn't afford it.

They've been known to go to bed hungry. Olga suffers from insomnia, and the pain gets worse at night. She also cries a lot. Her mother, on the other hand, is left with the task of supervising her daughter alone.

After Afrimax aired her story, good people donated money for her to travel to Italy for surgery; her surgery was successful, and she was restored to normalcy; the pregnancy was terminated after surgery.

she was about to leave the hospital, she fell down and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment where she was taken to the surgery room where, after several surgeries, she could not come out of the theatre. She died and gave up the ghost. This

girl went through a lot. Her father abandoned her when she developed this sickness that looked like a pregnancy. She was pregnant. Her mother was poor and begged. Unfortunately, after her surgery, everything was successful but she could not live.

 Her story is a sad one. May her soul rest in peace. Please show this girl love by writing "Rest in peace" for her.

Source/ Credit: Afrimax TV

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