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How Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies With This Plant. Read For More Details

Pregnancy is something I always describe as both a blessing and a problem at the same time. When a married woman gets pregnant and give birth, it is celebrated by the whole family. On the other hand, when an unmarried person gets pregnant, it becomes a problem in the family. I will be sharing with you in this article how Ancient Africans used a certain plant as a contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

In the olden days, there were no hospitals that people go to and do family planning. They heavily depended on plant medicine to solve most of their health issues. One plant that people at that time used to prevent unwanted pregnancies was the root of an Acacia Species. It was chewed by women about once a week to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In those times, it was their contraceptive.

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Source: Africa Archives

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