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Check Out How People Reacted After Women That Have Had Children Posted These Pictures Online(Photos)

A desire achieved is joyful to the heart, that is exactly how women feel whenever they deliver a new baby. It is not easy to be pregnant for nine months because the body will go through a lot of transformation during those difficult periods. Although some women will manage to maintain their body during those periods, but there would still be obvious changes, as women normally suffer from weakness in their body.

A beautiful lady took to her Twitter account to challenge mothers to share pictures of themselves online. The lady asked women to be proud of their body and should be an advocate for body positivity. After seeing the challenge she shared on twitter, some women quickly took to the twitter page of the lady to share pictures of theirselves to show how well they have maintained their body after giving birth.

Some of the women who shared their pictures are single mothers while some of them are currently married. There is a big question mark in the pictures they shared, as some people argued if it is really necessary for them to do that, while some praised their courage for coming out to advocate for body positivity.

As we all know that most women often get fat after child birth, the woman who started the challenge wanted to pass a message to other women that it is normal to gain some weight after child birth, and they shouldn't feel less of themselves. A lot of mothers shared their pictures in bikini while some shared corporate pictures of themselves.

Here is how people reacted to the pictures of the mothers:

It is good for women to appreciate the type of body that God has given to them, but it is also very wrong to expose their body all in the name of showing off their body to advocate for body positivity.

Is it okay for mothers to expose their body to advocate for body positivity? Your opinion is important to us.

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