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Mothers in Africa iron their daughters breasts to prevent rape and early marriage

When boys and girls reach puberty, they leave childhood behind and become adults. The human condition includes it. However, the physical changes that many girls go through during puberty can be quite significant. Girls must undoubtedly grow breasts if they are to become women. Some females may find this transformation to be rather exciting, while others may find it to be a nightmare. Teenage females in severalAfrican countries are sadly subjected to the brutal practice of "breast ironing."

When teenage girls start to exhibit puberty-related symptoms, their mothers or female relatives start "ironing" their breasts by pounding or massaging their chests with heated objects such stones, spatulas, and pestles in an effort to stop the development of their breasts.

The training is otherwise called bosom leveling or bosom clearing. This crude custom is drilled principally in West and Central Africa like Benin, Chad, lvory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Kenya, Togo and Zimbabwe. The intensity softens the fat in the bosoms and smooths them with time. The thought process behind this savage practice was to shield young ladies from undesirable lewd gestures, early pregnancies and early relationships. In any case, bosom pressing has preferably hurt more over great, similar to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which has been restricted in pretty much every country in Africa. FGM is the custom cutting or expulsion of some or all of the outside female genital to control ladies sexuality to guarantee immaculateness, unobtrusiveness and magnificence.

This misinterpretation and progress in years long conviction has now been uncovered and that ought to be the destiny of bosom pressing. I began developing bosoms when I was 10 years. My mom cleared up for my sister that I was developing bosoms too soon and that would draw in young men, said casualty Cathy Abah Fouda who let UK's Mirror know that she under went bosom pressing and after a year her bosoms developed once more. She said was embarrassed to such an extent that she started to do the methodology on herself. Bosom pressing, nonetheless, didn't keep me from getting pregnant at the age of 16 and leaving school, uncovered Cathy who needed to go through a medical procedure since her bosoms were harmed and she couldn't breastfeed her child.

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