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5 Ways you can assure good dental health for your kids

The primary concern as parents is the health and safety of our children, so we make sure they eat properly, wash their hands after going outside, and dress warmly enough for the weather. However, the issue of maintaining good dental hygiene appears to be getting less attention than it should.

1. Keep them hydrated

Children's dehydration can be the first step toward developing poor dental habits. Ulcers in the mouth caused by bacteria buildup and gastrointestinal issues inhibit proper oral hygiene. Teeth-grinding is also linked to being dehydrated. Having water readily available or having reminders set up can be quite helpful in getting kids to drink more water.

2. Include a healthy diet

The research found that kids whose parents made healthy choices didn't struggle to do the same. Because sugary and acidic foods like soda and other fermentable carbohydrates and processed foods can damage a child's teeth, it's important to set a good example in terms of what they eat.

3. Check habit formation

Children are particularly susceptible to the development of bad habits like protruding tongues and mouth breathing, both of which can have lasting negative effects on their jaw development and overall health. To prevent the behavior from becoming permanent, gently divert the child's attention when you find her holding her tongue out or her lips open during the day. In order to help her break this compulsive habit, you may either remind her not to do it or suggest that she try using some distraction techniques.

4. Make dental visits a regular feature

Make regular trips to the dentist a priority. Try not to use dental appointments as a punishment for bad behavior, and don't act like you don't care about your own oral care.

5. Brush it off

Make brushing your teeth an enjoyable experience. I might have risked prolonging their activity and delaying bedtime, as I mentioned before. Using a character toothbrush, narrating a bedtime story, or brushing teeth as a family can all help make brushing time more enjoyable for kids. Getting to sleep more quickly after a nighttime brushing is more likely to happen if the child is calm and views the brushing as a pleasant pastime.

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