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If You’re Called “Afriyie,” Then Read This Good News

Names are very important and have serious effects on individuals. Names are very effective and have an effect on the bearer. But in our olden days, our forefathers used to name their children based on certain events that were happening during the time the child is born.

So, for instance, when there is famine or unfortunate calamity during the time a child is born, the child might be called “Adieyie.” Which translates from Akan Twi as suffering.

In other cases, the child might be as well be called “Abebrebrese.” This signifies that the family has struggled before or the child was born during the time of hardship.

The good news for the people with the name “Afriyie” is the meaning. The meaning of the name “Afriyie” means to come at the right time. coming at the right time is very special because it means the person has good lucks and is certainly possible the person will succeed.

Coming at the right time might mean there is enough money to fund the means of the child and make the child enjoy a good living. Even if that is not the case, because the child is filled with luck, it is quite easy for such children to have good chances/opportunities in life.

So, today if you are called “Afriyie,” then please make the name worth having. Keep a positive vibe and continue believing you are going to succeed regardless. 

Attached are images of big personalities in Ghana called "Afriyie."

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