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My uncle did it with me when I saw my first blood.

We are living in a crazy world where everyone want to take advantage over the other with the very least chance they get. People have become so selfish and greedy to the extent that they do not consider the repercussions of their actions before they.carry it out.

This article is of a young girl who's name and location is withheld for a reason. Upon her account, she was thirteen years when her uncle laid her in bed. She said one afternoon she was at school and identified some changes in her body. She went to the bathroom and saw that she was experiencing her first menstruation. She was staying with his mother's brother so when she went home he informed him.

The uncles told her not to worry and asked her to go and take her bath. After taking her bath, the uncle told her to come and sit on his bed to examine what was happening with her. That was where all happened. She didn't have anyone to talk to so she kept it to herself.

I entreat all parents to take very good care of their children so that other don't take advantage of them out of ignorance.

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