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Painful story: A mother with a mental illness tries to kill her baby by cutting off her mouth.

There are many people who want biological children of their own but are unable to do so due to medical conditions or other factors that may prevent them from having a pregnancy and giving birth to their own children, and this is a sad situation for some people to be in, as some societies shame people who do not have children of their own.

However, while some people are desperate to have children of their own so that they can be recognized as parents, others have children but do not want to keep them. 

And that is a sad reality in which we live, because the irony is that while some people will do anything to have a baby but due to certain conditions are unable to have one, some have children but do not prefer to keep them as their own. And it is those that does not want to keep their children who become bad parents, as they do anything cruel to get rid of their born or unborn child.

Some do an abortion, while others do worse things to get rid of their babies, as this woman attempted to do to her child in kumasi. Nana Boafour Konadu Yiadom, the founder of Ashan Children's Home in Kumasi, told Oheneba media about how a certain woman commited a heinous act on her own biological baby girl just to get rid of her. According to Nana when the police brought the one-year-old baby girl to him, he was told that the mother tried to kill the child with a scissor but was stopped by some passers-by who heard the child crying.

He did, however, reveal that before people were able to save the child, the mother had already done harm to the child by removing the lower lip from the child's mouth. Nana shared the good news that the child was quickly rescued from her mentally ill mother before she could do any serious harm to her, and that she is now receiving medical care and treatment. Nana also shared that due to her misfortune, the child will require surgery in order to regain her full mouth.

Nana claims that since he started the orphanage over twenty years ago, he has seen and received a lot of different little children in deplorable conditions, but because he believes that God has called him to do this work, he will continue to help and save the children who need to be saved so that they'll have a better life in the future.

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