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4 ways to boost your baby's brain development

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for moreThe joy of every mother is to find a child who is smart and intelligent.The fun that comes along with being the mother who's child is getting all the awards in school can never be measured. Though a lot of factors contribute to building the brain of your before they are even born.The ability of your child to excel well in all fields greatly depends on the parent because it is hereditary. If the couples are academically good,their children will excel.

There are instances when the couple are not good but their child is brilliant right? They took charge right from the beginning to feed the baby with the necessary food required to make them intelligent.A lot if people claim honey is good for the brain,salmon and sea foods.But I will like to enlighten my followers on the need to do these five things to boost your baby's brain.

1 Sing together; listening and singing songs can enhance their learning when it comes to sound and language pattern.This has also proven to be one of the things that makes children happy and bring them close to their parents.

2 Teach them as they eat; Children learn fast with acts more than pure books.Counting the number of foods they take in helps develop your child's numerical skills.And say the name of the food as well to teach them the types of foods we have.

3 Educational toys; Like i said earlier,babies fancy toys and anything that have to do with for toys cards and numbers to teach them.They learn faster that way.

4 Read together; This might seem nothing but reading with them can help them to recognise the sequence of the words.These four things might seem nothing but really goes a long way.Thanks for reading.

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