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All You Need To Know: Reasons Induction Of Labor Is Done

It's the hope of all mums that we will get to term and labor will set in spontaneously, but this is not always the case obstetric emergencies, conditions, and also post-term can cause your doctor or midwife to initiate labor. 

Labor induction is the process or treatment that stimulates childbirth and delivery. Inducing labor can be accomplished with the pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical methods.

Some reasons for induction of labor include

•Post-term pregnancy.

•Prelabor rupture of membranes


•Fetal growth restriction


•Gestational diabetes

•High blood pressure disorders of pregnancy

•Placental eruption

Many other reasons can cause your doctor to initiate labor.

It has to be done in a hospital by an experienced doctor. Midwives should be monitoring you and the baby throughout cess.

The hospital should be well equipped with items for obstetric emergencies in case the need arises

Not all situations above are suitable for all pregnant women. Take note.

Why was your induction done? Share your experience.

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