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From fat to fit and being endowed with one of the curviest bodies ever; The story of Sharee Baby

Some people are born naturally with slim and tall bodies. Others are born with thick and curvy bodies. You might have come across a big bodied person who had undergone fitness training to loose body weight. Their weight loss becomes even peculiar when the person (if a woman), tends to gain some extraordinary curves after going through the fitness regimen. The story of Sharee Baby is one that fascinates a lot people. She went through a great body transformation to become one of the most curvaceous women out there and it did not just end there. She added a bit of flare to it by becoming a fitness model.

Sharee Baby was born on August 16, 1994. She was raised in Texas, United States. She turned 47 recently. She is a fitness model, digital creator, brand ambassador and social media influencer. She began her modeling career in 2018 but before that, she went through a bit of transformation before gaining her current physical looks. In her past life, Sharee used to have a fairly big body which she did not like. She decided the best way out for her in getting the slim and fit appearance she wants is by going through a fitness regime. She started visiting the gym and after a few months, she had lost a great amount of weight. In the process, Sharee's overall shape had improved as backside had doubled in size.

She is now a fitness model who has been encouraging and advising other people on the need to stay fit. She has attracted more than 1.6 million followers to her Instagram page and several thousands to her Tiktok account. Sharee has modeled for some top brands like 100 Kexotic, Gold dimes INC, weight on it apparel and many others. One fascinating thing about her is that even at age 47, she continues to exercise, stay fit and combine all these with a career in modeling. Sharee is indeed a true definition of persevering woman.

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