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Guys, Stop Doing These 3 Things - You Are Killing Your Sperms

Some people struggle a lot to make a woman pregnant. These people have been trying their best, taking all sorts of drugs and have been seeing different herbalists and spiritualists just to impregnate a woman but to no avail.

Sometimes, infertility does not have a spiritual cause. We can boldly say that some infertility among males may not also be caused by diseases. It will shock most people to know that their inability to impregnate a woman may be due to some simple everyday activities.

Unknown to most people, some everyday activities may inhibit their procreational abilities. Sometimes, you will hear people say: “The doctor said there is nothing wrong.” Do not conclude it has a spiritual cause yet, check these three activities. 

Sitting beside fire

Unknown to most men, sitting beside the fire for a very long time may be damaging your sperm. If you have ever wondered: “Why are the testicles hanging outside?” The response is simple. Excessive heat may kill the sperm cells.

Do you like to sit beside the fire for a very long time? The effect is devastating. Always wear loose boxers and keep the place away from heat. Apart from its ability to kill sperms, heat may also cause odour.

Taking Too much Sugar

Eating a lot of sugary and fatty food is associated with low sperm count. Foods such as ice creams, abele and fatty foods are said to increase your chances of developing low sperm count. 

Research conducted in the United States indicates that men who consume sugar and fatty foods suffer a lot from low sperm count. A report from CNN included foods such as pizza and cookies.

Taking Certain drugs

Some drugs, such as ones used to regulate blood pressure lever, do not only affect a man’s performance in bed. They have the potential to cause low sperm count. These drugs may decrease your chances of having a baby. Read the leaflet. 

Men suffering from low sperm counts should consider these three areas. Rectifying them can help you impregnate a woman.

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