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Pregnancy period

Women, You Can Unknowingly Harm Your Womb By Doing These 3 Things.

When people get married, they want to have kids. As a result, marriages that end because of infertility are short-lived. Many important things happen in the womb of a woman. They need to be protected at all costs.

Uterine cancer, miscarriage, and infertility are just a few of the things that can happen to women's reproductive organs. It's likely because they have bad habits that they don't know about. To help you avoid getting womb disease, I'll tell you which things not to do.

Precautions and signs of Womb Disease.

. Pressure or a feeling of fullness in your lower abdomen (it may feel like sitting on a small ball)

. You have the feeling that something is coming out of your vagina.

. A lot of uterine tissue is in your vagina.

. An agonizing time in bed.

. Can't urinate or pass stool.

These symptoms mean that you should see a doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible. You should also see a specialist make sure you get the right medicine.

Below are things that can harm your womb;

1. Abortion.

A lot of unpleasant things can happen after an abortion, like long periods of uncontrollable bleeding, swelling of the lips or face, cramping in the stomach, and other things. This can cause damage to the uterus, which can stop women from having children. People don't know all the ways it affects women, not just that it makes them less likely to have babies.

As the mother gets pregnant, teratogens can cause birth defects in her baby. Teratogens are any substance that can do this while the mother is pregnant. People who drink alcohol while pregnant can have a group of birth defects and developmental problems called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs).

FASDs are linked to alcohol use by pregnant women at any time. Most women who are assaulted in this way don't know that their womb health could be in danger because of it.

2. Smoking:

There is a higher chance of miscarriage, which could be because of damaged eggs, damage to the developing fetus, or changes in the uterus that make it more difficult for an embryo to implant. This could also lead to cervical changes, such as an increased risk of cervical cancer.

As a smoker according to "Healthline", you might have a harder time having a baby than as a nonsmoker. Most couples can get pregnant if they have unprotected sex at least every two or three days. Those who smoke have their chances of getting pregnant cut in half every month. There are many health benefits to giving up smoking.

3. Excessive drinking of alcohol:

According to "Everyday Health", It is called teratogenesis if something causes a baby to be born with an abnormality while it is in the womb. Alcohol can be bad for babies. Pregnant women who drink alcohol at any time during their pregnancy are more likely to have birth defects and developmental problems, which are called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs).

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Womb Disease


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