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Is It Your Responsibility To Take Care Of Your Parent?. Discussion Time

If you are lucky enough not to be thrown out in the womb you should give thanks to your parent.

To carry a child is not easy not to even talk at the expense of the father. Parenting the hardest job in the world is a job you can never quit no matter how it is. 

It is said to be a life-time-job which is true because no matter the age your son or daughter is you still feel the responsibility to look after them. The hardest job indeed. 

So here comes the question if your parent has gone such length, breadth, and width to bring you where you are today should you return the favor. 

This type of question may seem very emotional from person to person but let's get straight to it.

In my opinion, to ask this as a general question I would say it's shouldn't be, the reason being that our parent decided to bring forth a child. A decision made by themselves, even if it was pressure from families they took the risk. So here you decided so whatever the outcome you should face it and not the other way round because your child will also make a decision someday on someone's life.

And if asked personally, I would say you should take care of your parent because our various backgrounds say it all. In certain backgrounds, you must and should take care of them. All lies in where we come from.

Anyways, we are here today because someone brave decided on our life. A decision to make us live and not to throw us away and with that a big thanks to them. 

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