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Teenage Pregnancy In Africa

Teenage pregnancy started many years ago, but the rate at which it is currently happening is alarming. Teenage pregnancy is when girls of nineteen years and below get pregnant. The causes of teenage pregnancy are highlighted below.

Weak parenting is one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. Parents are said to be the back bone of their children, this means that the role of parents in the upbringing of their children is very keen, with this, when parents begin to lose control over certain things pertaining their wards, they tend to go wayward leading to negative factors such as teenage pregnancy.

Another cause of teenage pregnancy is poverty. Poverty is when a person is not able to provide the basic necessities of life. Without these basic necessities, survival tends to become a problem, therefore leaving teenage girls with no other option than doing all that is possible for survival, therefore not hesitating to have sex with people in exchange for money which might lead to teenage pregnancy.

The influence of the media cannot be left out when taking into concentration the causes of teenage pregnancy. The media is filled with so many different personalities. These personalities are mostly seen by teens as their role models. These young ones always love to imitate their role models. When people like this publicly talk about their sex lives, our young ones would certainly be enticed to practice them, which would have negative impact like teenage pregnancy.

Lack of sexual education is also one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. One of the characteristics of teenage is curiosity, this means they would like to put to practice virtually anything they find out. Without sexual education, they would not know the dangers associated with going in for sex or even how to protect themselves. They go in for sex with no knowledge later resulting to teenage pregnancy.

Some of the effects of teenage pregnancy are negative health implications such as ectopic pregnancy leading to being operated on or baby dying in the womb which may lead to death. Other effects of teenage pregnancy is early parenthood and radical. Teenage pregnancy does not only affect the teenage girls but also the nation with cases like streetism.

In conclusion, I think this teenage pregnancy thing could become a thing of the past if all stakeholders in charge of the well being of the younger ones come together and think of solutions to tackle this issue of teenage pregnancy that has started being a headache to African.

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