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Mom Thinks She’s Having Twins, Then Doctor Spots Something Incredible.

Lauren Perkins has always dreamed of becoming a mom. After spending a difficult year trying and failing to fall pregnant, the idea of fertility treatment didn’t seem so scary anymore.

She and her husband, David, decided to take a vacation to Nicaragua to consider their next step. The couple, along with some friends, did exactly that. Whilst there, Lauren talked openly about their struggles to conceive. One of their friends, a priest, replied calmly: “Someone up there has big plans for you. I don’t know what, but it will be big.” At the time, it sounded strange. Lauren would soon realize the words really carried some weight.

After the Nicaragua trip, Lauren returned home to Texas. She didn't think much about what the priest said. On the contrary, Lauren and her husband decided to opt for artificial insemination. She was convinced that this wouldn't work but it worked.

Lauren finally got pregnant and in the first routine check, the doctors told her she was going to deliver more than one baby. The couple were so delighted by the idea that they were going to have twins or triplet after a long struggle for a child of their own.

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Then the ultrasound came. The staggering doctor looked at the screen for some time before breaking the news to the couple. "I see six babies in there," the doctor said.

Lauren was rushed was rushed to the hospital when her labor period was due. A total of 35 people gathered at the delivery room. As the birth proceeded, the doctor needed the help of 6 nurses to receive each baby as they entered the world.

Lauren couldn't believe she was able to deliver all 6 babies successfully without complications. Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison and Levi are the names of all the babies.

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Today, Lauren is the mother of a sextuplet. She is grateful for the efforts of the medical staff and the work they put in to make sure her birth had no complication. She also recalls the words of the priest and she's very thankful for that encounter.

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