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5 parenting styles and their effect on children.

There are four types of parenting styles. They are authoritarian parents, neglecting parents, permissive parents and authoritative parents.

Authoritarian parents are controlling and demand obedience without considering the child's point of view. Permissive parents don't exert any control. With permissive parents, there are no rules. Authoritative parents form but loving. They encourage independence but within limits. Neglecting parents are often uninterested and involved in their child's life.

The styles range from controlling and demanding to complete freedom; and from cold and unresponsive to loving and receptiveness. Each authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and neglecting have their place. To understand what it means to grow up with parents from each end of the spectrum, we can imagine the lives of four children.

Ruth's parents are authoritarians. They love their child but think that strict rules are equally important to make Ruth become well and fit into society. If Ruth plays with her toys they are taken away, if she sings she is told to keep quiet and when she watches television for quite a long time she is sent to the corner for a time out.

Ruth finally grows up thinking that suppressing her emotions and following her duties is the way to get through the day. She grows up not knowing what she wants. Permissive parents like those of Peter love their child so much that they believe they should never say no.

Peter enjoys full control over his parents and gets whatever he. wants. If he wants ice cream, ice cream he gets and if he wants to watch television he can watch it all night. Peter grows up to be a bad loser. Since he never learnt self-control band had no challenges at all. As he grows up he often acts inconsiderate and doesn't know his limits.

Michael's authoritative parents respect theirs child's needs but believe that children need freedom within certain limits. Michael is allowed to play but he knows that he is done, he needs to tidy up the place. He is allowed to eat ice cream but only on Sundays.

He learns that some things in life are difficult but his parents give him all the support he needs to get through it. He develops the strength to endure hardships and continue following his interests and passion. As an adult, he agrees to rules only after they have been discussed and he understands them. Neglectful parents are usually not present in their child's life.

Bella often feels completely alone in the world. She has a lot of imagination, stories to tell and questions to ask but she never gets the feedback, affection, love or even attention. With time she begins to think that no one cares this can lead to a lack of trust in herself and others. She becomes insecurely attached, unable to form a healthy relationship and develops a negative image of herself. The new parenting style. os over-involved parenting style.

They don't allow their children to do anything on their own. As a result, these children find it difficult to overcome challenges because they are so used to their parents removing obstacles in their path. They lack perseverance band often procrastinate especially when something requires a lot of effort. Therefore a balance of demandingness, protectiveness, and responsiveness together with allowing children to do what they can do without parents assisting them, is the best way to go about parenting.

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