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5 Parents Would Fail If Parenting Was A Course

It's almost a cliche to hear parents say that parenthood is "a blessing." Even though little ones throw tantrums, wear overfull diapers, and take away sleep, they also bring joy, laughter, and good company. Sometimes, however, it seems that being the child of certain parents is not exactly a blessing. Being the child of a clumsy person can crush you, fill your mouth with sand or spit out sunflower seeds , put you in front of a camera with ridiculous clothes. And this list is a simple tribute to those who, from such bad parents, seem to be good. Sometimes, you don't just have to be prepared to bring a human being into the world. In certain situations, being your mother's or father's child may also require special training.

1. I don't know if the child heads the ball, or if the ball almost swallows the child's head.

The father seems to be helping his child head the football and apparently he was wrong as the ball hit the boy in the face.

2. What does your mom do best? "Sit on the couch and text people."

The child expressed her dissatisfaction in her mom's attitude when it comes to raising a child. She claims that her mother does nothing aside texting people while sitting in the couch. In other words, she meant to say that her mother is a lazy one.

3. He is a boy, but he can fall like a plastic ball.

There parents will definitely fail the parenting course. Even after a long time, I cannot understand the inspiration behind the style for the photograph. Both parents seem to be throwing their kids up high.

4. Some teach their one year olds to show their age that way. And she may have stuck the gesture.

Indeed children learn what they see. This kid has been exposed to a lot of things and she has started using them.

5. In a few years, this kid will want to destroy this photo before it's too late.

One thing in life is wanting to delete a wrong you made in the past. This kid will certainly want to do away with this photograph. Apparently, his parents bought him a shirt with the inscription "assmaster". He might not know the meaning now but sooner or later, he will find out.

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