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Nobody believes that my son is 35 years old- A mother of three narrates her sad story

Life can sometimes become so difficult that you can even become fed up and decide to give up. But if you get courage and confidence that it shall be well, surely you will succeed. A mother of three called Nyiranteziryayo Mereciana narrates her sad story about how all her three children were born disabled. The first child who is 35 years old was small and short when he was born, he grew up with the same stature.

Most of his friends sometimes bully him that he resembles a certain animal. Some people even don't believe that he is actually 35 years old. When she gave birth to her second child, unfortunately for her, the boy too was disabled, Mereciana took her child to hospital for treatment because the child's body was weak but did not recover.

He too grew up but couldn't talk, stand or even walk by himself. Mereciana became excited when she got pregnant again because she thought that maybe her third child will be a healthy child who will help her to take care of the other children. The woman gave birth to a baby girl but she too was disabled. The girl was taken to different hospital for treatment but all their efforts was in vain.

Mereciana said her husband has abandoned them and taking care of these children is not a easy task. She has been moving from different houses because she can't pay her rent and her relatives too doesn't support her at all. Mereciana said she will always be available for her children no matter what happens.

According to her the doctors said that the children maybe suffering from polio, a disease that causes muscle weakness and it can only be prevented by a polio vaccination, treatments can also helps but these conditions cannot be cured. Some of her neighbours told the mother of three that her children are useless and she will not get any benefit from them. Mereciana did not listen to them but rather continued to take care of her children.

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