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A Man Sued His Wife For Giving Birth to an Ugly Child, Check Out Court's Unbelievable Judgement

Has Man forgotten the will of God who alone is capable of everything? Isn't he the one who decides to give life to what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it? Should we then bring our own wife to justice because she gave birth to an ugly child who carries the same blood flowing within? Here are so many questions.

A sensational event took place in China where a Chinese sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly child. And as if this was a crime in the Chinese constitution, this man won the case.

For reasons that we do not yet know, the Chinese fair, following this trial, ended up agreeing with the woman's husband.

One thing is certain, is that the story is real. And as "Knowing the World" already mentioned, the event took place in China. A Chinese man, after having made his wife pregnant and waiting nine months for his child to be born, brought his wife to court after giving birth, simply because she had given birth to an ugly child.

Just as this country has favoured the birth of male babies over female babies because of their large numbers, it might be a new law in China that would condemn the birth of ugly children, we know.

In any case, until we can better understand why this lawsuit was deliberated in favour of the father of this child, what we conclude, is that it is not always obvious that a child looks like either his mother, to his father or born with that desired beauty.

This obviously makes us think from the above, that giving birth to an ugly child in China might be a crime in the Chinese constitution. Otherwise, why harm a woman who gives birth to a child who carries the same blood flowing in her father's veins just because he is not beautiful?

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