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Pregnancy period

How I Use Salt To Test If I Am Pregnant

Pregnancy is a delicate aspect of a woman's life. During this stage, the pregnant woman does not only strive to take care of herself but also of her unborn baby.

My grand mother used to tell me how pregnant women should not take their time for granted.

" In my days, I did not go to the hospital when I am pregnant. All that I do to check if I am indeed pregnant is to get my urine into a small container and pour a teaspoon or two of salt into my urine. As soon as it turns milky or cheesy, then I know I am pregnant".

As to the scientific evidence behind this, I do not know. Has this ever occured to you that salt could be used to test for pregnancy?

Well, pregnant woman are delicate and must ensure that they take medical precautions from the commencement of their pregnancy to the time of delivery.

The Unborn child must receive nutritious food through out the 36months of pregnancy and this depends largely on the pregnant woman.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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