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Parenting: To avoid having wayward children in the future, do these 4 things on daily basis

Dear existing and would be parents,

Considering the complexity of our today's world, parenting has become a more tasking thing that it used to be decades ago. For you to stand out as a parent, there are certain things you need to do on daily basis.

The following four elements are needed to avoid having wayward children in the future;

1. Monitoring

2. Evaluation

3. Revaluation

4. Correction

Without monitoring, evaluation, revaluation, and correction where and when necessary, your one time good nurturing may just be a waste.

It is not enough to instill good contents into your child once and rejoice that you have done it all. No, there is need for the aforementioned because, so long the child goes out, mingles with people of different behaviours and dispositions, new contents will always come in to fight what you have initially deposited.

When you do the aforementioned, it will help you as a parent to weed out the opposition from the child's "system" as quick as possible, to prevent the tares from growing and having roots in the child.

Know this, there is always a fight between good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable... Funnily enough, the latter most times have strong forces more than the former, except they are DAILY put to check.

So long a child is still under your care, try as much as you can to DAILY monitor, evaluate, reevaluate, and correct as fast as possible. You should have an eye of an eagle to detect unusual or strange behaviours and attitudes.

CONSISTENCY is the key. Don't think your one time good nurturing can guide your child for a lifetime when the child is exposed to people and new things almost on daily basis.

You can actually help the society to have responsible, well mannered, well behaved, and enviable children you will be proud to call your own in their adulthood phase.

You can't be too busy not to have time for your kids. If you are too busy, things will go wrong before your very eyes without you knowing it. Before you realize what is happening, things must have deteriorated beyond repair.

Be a responsible parent.

A healthy society is possible.

It begins with you!

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