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Fertility Booster: See these 3 Plants that Can Help you Conceive Quickly

We always strive to offer family solutions in terms of conception and reproduction. We do this because infertility is one of the main factors that ruin a marriage.

After a woman stayed at her husband's house for 2 years without showing her baby swelling, the tongue would vibrate. For those who are in this condition, it is not always easy.

Personally, I just waited 1 year 6 months for the kids to come. I know what my husband and I have been through in those months.

If you and your partner are waiting or trying to get pregnant, here's the good news. You may also be surprised to hear from your doctor that everything is normal. However, 4, 5. It's been 10 years and counting, but not a show.

Like I said, I understand how stressful this can be, but don't worry, we'll sort things out today. There are several solutions which I will mention below so you can choose one. There are plants that are known as fertility stimulants. This plant helps increase fertility in women, as well as helps in fertilization and childbirth.

Meanwhile, if you haven't seen this post before, it's worth reading it. They will help you manage your fertility and conception.

3 Plants That Can Help You Get Pregnant Fast - Fertility Enhancer

pigeon peas.

Pigeon pea is another healthy plant that increases fertility in women. People also admit that they combine the plant with sugar apple to shrink fibroids.

This plant is not difficult to find. It grows in bushes. It is found in abundance in this rainy season. It also grows in flower gardens.

How To Use Pigeon Peas To Increase Fertility And Get Pregnant Fast:

Take the plant

You have to pull it from the root.

Boil the leaves and roots.

Boil for 30 minutes in a clean saucepan with clear water and let cool.

* For those who have mental disorders, cook and drink erde bean leaves and mango tree bark (not based on research).

The dose is 1 cup 3 times a day.

When you start taking it, continue until the end of your period as well. Once your cycle is over, give your husband a try. Follow our article on conception. .

What we mean here is that you should try to have children with your husband during ovulation. No matter how long you have a problem, you will get pregnant according to God's will.

What if your husband is the reason for delaying conception? OKAY. No problem, since you're working on it yourself, see also:

Here's how to increase your partner's sperm count

Yes, Sir. I mean, collect your partner's sperm for fertilization. If you both agree, avoid running the engine for a week or more.

Not only that, give him foods that build strong fluids and increase fertility in men, such as:

3 Plants That Can Help You Get Pregnant Fast - Fertility Enhancer

sugar apple

Sugar apple is a sweet, edible plant. Not many people know this plant. You see it, but you don't know its name.

In some excavations that we did for this plant, we found that sugar apple (Annona squamosa) belongs to the Annonaceae family. Although previously believed to be of Indian descent, it is believed to be of Indian or Central American descent. These fruits taste great and are perfect for puddings and jellies.

Steps to Prepare Apples for Fertility and Fertilization:

Boil the srikaya in a clean bowl of clear water for 30 minutes.

Drink the water in the morning and evening after it cools down.

Repeat for a month and stop if you miss your period.

3 Plants That Can Help You Get Pregnant Fast - Fertility Enhancer

wild pea root

In the village we know that this plant is used as animal feed. No wonder the name - wild cow. This medicinal plant produces seeds with pods. These seeds are known as peas.

Note: Wild cowpeas are different from cowpeas. What we are talking about here is that it grows alone in the bush. As I was told during my childhood, peas are not edible. We collect it as animal feed.

To prepare wild bovine root for fertility:

Pull the plant from the roots and cut off all the roots.

Boil the roots for 30 minutes and let the pot cool.

Drink 1 glass in the morning after breakfast and 1 glass in the evening before going to bed.

Warning: if you have high blood pressure don't take this as it can increase blood pressure, but if you need to try this as an AD patient, it's a good idea to do it while taking it.

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