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Four Stages Of Labour.

Stage 1

The longest stage of labor! It starts with your first real labor contraction and ends when you are 10cm dilated.⁣⁠


It is also the longest stage and includes: early labor, active labor, and transition!⁣⁠


Stage 2

This is better known as the pushing stage! This starts when you are 10cm and ends with the delivery of your baby! ⁣⁠


It is hard to estimate how long it will be, but the average push time for first-time moms is about 2 hours.⁣⁠


Stage 3

⁣⁠In this stage, you will deliver your placenta! Yup! That organ you grew during pregnancy has gotta come out, too. ⁣⁠


This stage usually lasts less than 30 minutes. In rare cases, the placenta doesn't come out on its own and we have to go in there to get it out.⁣⁠


Stage 4

⁣⁠The fourth and final stage! This is the first 1-2 hours after birth. Your placenta is out and you're officially not pregnant anymore!⁣⁠


You will be monitored closely during this time for any signs of postpartum hemorrhage or other issues. While this is going on, if you and baby are stable it is a great time to do skin-to-skin, and start breastfeeding! ⁣

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