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Comment: Reasons why every Ghanaian couple must know their needs before they have kids

The prospect of starting a family may be both thrilling and terrifying. Nothing could truly prepare you for what lies ahead once you give birth to your child.

It's critical to know your truth about each of them before making a decision. Before you have a family, it's critical to understand your pain spots. 

Primary Concepts

Before establishing a family, it might be beneficial for couples hoping to have children to identify individual and familial stressors. 

Couples rarely experience new challenges as a result of having children. Rather, tiny annoyances from the past tend to escalate into larger issues. 

Finances and environmental stressors are two prominent triggers; sources of joy could include faith or physical health. 

Individuals, couples, and families are all beautiful because we are all different. Our strengths will be very different; similarly, our weaknesses and worries will be very different.

We have those things that bring us just a smidgeon of stress in the middle of the road. These loves, dislikes, and anxieties, like points of light in a constellation, make up the star systems of our existence. 

Getting Married 

Considering starting a family? Know Your Needs Before Having Children 

Polynesians mastered long-distance voyaging thousands of years before Vikings became masters of the sea and thousands of years before Europeans crossed oceans to colonize other people groups.

They were able to travel thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean.

They employed a technique known as wayfinding, which relied on the sea, birds, weather, and stars to direct them through unexplored waters to a safe landing spot. 

Before starting a family, there are a few things to think about. 

Couples intending to start a family can learn a lot from their forefathers and mothers.

Couples should establish what their individual (and family) systems and stars are as they navigate their way through family life, just like these early explorers did. 

The waves will be choppy, and this is uncharted territory.

The Polynesians were well-versed in the constellations, so they understood which paths to take and which to avoid.

We can use the same concepts in our daily lives to deal with new and old difficulties. 

You won't know what new pressures will be introduced to your family once you have a child, but you will know the stressors you face now as an adult and in your relationship.

You also understand what makes you happy and satisfies your desires for connection, tranquility, and love. These are your celebrities. 

If you don't know what these are, find out now, long before you have children, because you won't have the emotional, physical, or mental energy once they arrive. 

Pain Points Examples 

Everyone is unique, but there are a few recurring trends in terms of potential sources of pain that we would like to avoid in our lives. Among the most notable are: 


Employment/Career Situation 

Stressors in the environment 

Distress in a relationship 

How can you know if any of them relate to you or what your unique issues are? Consider the following two questions: 

What irritates me the most? 

What are the most common points of contention between my partner and me? 

The answers to these two questions will reveal a great deal about yourself. 

Pleasure Points Examples 

We all need to participate in activities that make us happy and fill our emotional buckets. We feel healthy, capable, and have room to deal with life's minor stresses when our needs are addressed. 

The following are some examples of pleasure points that can be used to fill our bucket: 

Intimacy of the body 

a sense of mission 

Friendship based on faith 

Physical fitness is important. 

How do you know which ones are yours? Consider the following two questions: 

What activity puts me in a pleasant mood on a regular basis? 

What would make me extremely sad if I lost it?

Why is it important to understand one's own needs? 

Knowing these qualities about ourselves is wonderful and well, but why is it so critical that we have a firm handle on them before starting a family? 

When we interviewed parents about their experiences after they had their children, one of the most common themes we heard was that new difficulties in your relationship and yourself are rarely formed.

Instead, the old pain points, the ones you've always had, are upgraded.

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