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Must Watch: Doctors Say No Matter What They Do, My Baby Will Die | Teresa Tells Her Story.

No one wishes for his or her life to end unexpectedly, but some conditions of life can put one in such a situation in which he or she will have no option than to say goodbye to the world. Today, I bring to you the story of a mother called Teresa whose baby's head will not stop growing. Doctors say it is impossible to save this baby's life.

This is how it all started. A year ago, Teresa and her husband decided to produce a baby. This is where Teresa got pregnant. Everybody was happy for this couple because the wonderful thing that makes a marriage a great one is to produce children. Teresa always went for medical checkups to be sure that her baby was fine. During Teresa's third visit for her medical checkup, the doctor told her there was something wrong with her baby.

Teresa did not know what was wrong with her baby. The doctors kept transferring her to different hospitals for special attention because the baby's case was extraordinary. The doctors told her that there was nothing they could do to save her baby's life since her pregnancy was 9 months old, and her baby was already grown. The doctors added that the baby in her womb was already dying, and there was no way it would make it out alive.

During labour, Teresa experienced unspeakable pain. There was no way she could push this baby and the doctors had to perform surgery on her to take the baby out.

After giving birth, she was very shocked at what she saw. Her baby's head was something unusual. The doctors scanned the baby's head to find out what was wrong with her head. After the medical scans that the baby went through, the doctors told Teresa that there was nothing that could be done about her baby's condition.

The doctors told Teresa to take her baby home and take care of him till he passes on. She took her baby home, and for about a week, she and her husband were in deep pain. Whiles, they cried helplessly, they felt that life was meaningless since the mother Teresa knew had given birth to strong and healthy children, but she came up with a baby that she could not even explain what was wrong with her.

All hope seemed lost, but Teresa did not give up on her baby like that. She took her to different hospitals, but the doctors kept telling her the same thing.

Finally, Teresa came across a genuine doctor who told her the condition of her baby. He told her that her baby has a lot of fluid in his head that is a condition known as hydrocephalus which can only be treated outside the country. The doctor advised her to take her baby home and stop visiting hospitals for help.

Teresa's baby's head keeps growing every day and makes it difficult for Teresa to lift her for more than a minute. Now, Teresa does not have any way to save her baby's life but to see her die slowly.

Watch the video below;

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