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Pregnancy period

Boost your ovulation and get pregnant easily, with okra, guava leaves and aidan.

Getting pregnant these days, is becoming very difficult for some women. However this is one of the ways, you can get pregnant without going through any stress.

Only three items needed and they are commonly known in most of the African countries. And they are okra, guava leaves, and aidan.

Now if you don't have perfect ovulation, getting pregnant becomes a problem.

Now follow the procedure and thank me later.

Get enough fresh guava leaves, which is to be cut into pieces wash it very well and boil it together to turn the water into brownish colour. Drop the pots and sieve, take one cup before bed and before breakfast to as well. It should be taken warm and also during your menstruation.

Take 7 fingers of okra cut it into pieces, soaked it in plastic jar overnight ,sieve it and start drinking it immediately after you are done with your menstruation.

Take it as usual for 3 days.

Important notice.

Be ready to have sex with your partner, it doesn't work when you are not having sex with your partner.

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